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A SaaS tool for recruitment campaigns automation. Get job offers to the right people, at the right time, in the right place. Taste the power of Programmatic job advertising.

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Join 700+ satisfied companies across all industries

Suitable for all types of recruitment needs. Whether it's filling common positions, less typical and specialized roles or high volume hiring. See for yourself.

Automate everything you need to run successful recruitment campaigns.

Selection of right channels, choice of key parameters for advertising and targeting, creation of banners for particular advertising platforms, budget allocation, posting management, retargeting, etc.. Distribute job postings across social media, advertising platforms and job aggregators to get the maximum number of quality candidates every time.

Reports and statistics
Top-notch job ad copy
Presentation of your company for free

Ongoing assistance and care

Keep a complete overview of how candidates are responding to your job offers. Track recruiting metrics such as number of impressions, conversion rates, candidate sources, CPA (Cost Per Applicant), etc... Simply everything you need to optimize your recruiting and calculate CPH (Cost Per Hire).

We will create an attractive and easy-to-read advertisement that is customized to your target audience. Not sure how to word your job offer or don't have the time? Leave it to us. The right language and approach are key. We know what works and what to avoid. A well-crafted campaign is the key to success.

Your company profile or even entire career pages are free with us. Introduce your company, team, and all the benefits you bring to the table. Use multi-media content including videos to show your company culture and working environment to boost your Employer branding.

We are here to help you with any problems you may have. We take care of your advertizing and other needs. Just make a call or leave a message.

Not just a tool

From the pilot project to long-term cooperation and tailor-made conditions, you have our support. Our account managers are always here for you. We advise you on how to communicate and how to attract candidates.

Fast implementation

We implement everything from A to Z: pilot, campaigns, copywriting. Everything quickly and efficiently. With Nelisa you have everything ready within 1-3 days. You can focus on building your team.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Your satisfaction and success are our priority. If no candidate comes forward, we will extend the campaign for another month at our cost.

Be visible exactly
where your candidates are

Experience the power of programmatic multi-channel job ad distribution.

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Reach outstanding results with the leading recruiting campaign automation

More than 700 companies across industries already know the power of Nelisa.

    • I've been surprised by how many interesting IT candidates are connecting with us through Nelisa. At the same time, I appreciate the great service and communication, where Nelisa outperforms many of its competitors. Thank you!

      Petr Světlík
      HR Manager, Base
    • Nelisa helps us perfectly with targeting online campaigns, so we are thrilled with the influx of (adequate!) candidates from other sources. We appreciate the open communication and friendly approach during onboarding.

      Klára Brousilová
      HR Specialist, Air Bank
    • We enjoy working with Nelisa! We receive dozens of candidates for all types of positions all over the Czech Republic. Nelisa's team provides us with their services in a professional and creative way. They are always there for us and help us with targeting, content and form of the ads.

      Kateřina Strnadová
      HR Director, AVE
      AVE CZ
    • In just a few weeks of working with us, Nelisa has brought us almost 30 new colleagues and has been a great addition to our recruitment puzzle.

      Mgr. Miroslav Pavolka
      HR Development, ČSOB
      ČSOB Stavební spořitelna
    • I like how quickly Nelisa responds by email and phone. I felt a real interest. I think of filling new positions as just the icing on the cake.

      Eva Esserová
      HR Manager, Auto ESA
      Auto ESA
    • We appreciate the team of copywriters at Nelisa, who are able to compose an interesting and attractive advert text that catches the attention of the candidate. We are glad for the support and cooperation of the whole team at Nelise. Thank you.

      Markéta Králová
      HR Manager, BOHEMIA SEKT

Tailor-made solutions for every budget and need


Single location

390 €

  • For common recruitment needs
  • Junior to mid-level positions
  • 7 days visibility on soc. media
  • 30 days visibility on Company page
  • Variable visibility on other channels depending on performance
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Multiple locations

690 €

  • For specific recruitment needs
  • Mid to senior-level positions
  • 14 days visibility on soc. media
  • 30 days visibility on Company page
  • Variable visibility on other channels depending on performance
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Nationwide coverage

849 €

  • For hard-to-fill positions
  • High volume hiring
  • 21 days visibility on soc. media
  • 30 days visibility on Company page
  • Variable visibility on other channels depending on performance
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START subscription for 2 months

Suitable for multiple positions or continuous campaigns

What does the subscription include?

  • Advantageous campaign pricing
  • 5× PLUS campaign
  • Unlimited number of positions
  • 3× copywriting service for FREE

The first subscription is available at a discounted price of 800 EUR

1,590 € 2,390 €

All prices are without VAT.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Email us at and we'll be happy to help!

  • What positions and industries is Nelisa focused on?

    At Nelisa, we can work with positions across all industries in any location.

  • How is Nelisa different from the usual job portals?

    Compared to our competitors, Nelisa promotes open positions through active online marketing on social media. This allows you to reach passive candidates, who today make up 70% of the market. You can reach people directly who don't go to regular job portals and are also willing to think about changing jobs.

  • How does it work?

    Campaigns on Nelisa are unique in that they can target so-called passive talent who don't visit job portals. At the same time, thanks to its sophisticated campaigns, it can also target specific or hard-to-fill positions across all regions.

    For companies, we allow you to create a free company profile where you can showcase your company and make your company culture more visible.

    You can choose the service to suit your needs from our convenient packages or choose a subscription option.

  • What is the added value of the campaigns?

    Your offer will be seen by relevant people in the region and industry, you will actively get in front of them without any activity on their part. This is all thanks to our well-targeted, long-range marketing campaigns.

    Our social media banner campaigns are a key pillar, we use Facebook and Instagram for most positions, and LinkedIn for selected technical positions.

    We also publish open positions on all key job aggregators with a total traffic of 3 - 4,000,000 users per month.

    We also use keyword campaigns on search engines.

    We are one of the few on the market to offer less common but very effective campaign formats such as native advertising, Discovery campaigns and YouTube video campaigns.

  • Why use copywriting?

    A well-written offer text will ensure maximum audience attention.

    Our copywriter knows what works well and what to avoid. The result is an attractive advert that will attract more leads and help you fill your position.

  • When is it appropriate to extend a recruitment campaign with a PPC package?

    With PPC campaigns, you can intensify your online campaigns, increase their reach and impressions, and run for up to 14 days longer. We recommend this extension especially when you need to reach a narrow range of specialists, are filling specific positions, are looking for more employees for the same role or need to reach more regions.